Permanent Makeup


Angela is highly talented in the art of both traditional and permanent makeup.  Not only does she want to make you look pretty, she wants you to stay looking pretty.

More and more women are discovering the lasting beauty and wonderful convenience of Permanent Cosmetic Makeup. Permanent Cosmetics is a revolutionary method of applying micro-insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin for enhancing one’s individual features.  The use of organic pigments made from fruits, plants, and natural ingredients mimic the look of traditional makeup.  This type of permanent makeup has been medically accepted and has proven to be a safer and healthier option over metallic-based ink.  Also, organic ink does not fade away as fast as traditional metallic inks, which can lighten to pink, grey and green tones over time. The organic pigment used by Angela is 100% Vegan and does not contain animal by-products in any of the colors; has the lowest reaction of any tattoo ink; is non-acrylic and is safely absorbed by the body, which allows the skin to heal faster and hold color better.

During the initial appointment both you and Angela will choose the color, shape, and technique to best achieve your desired outcome.  After the healing process is complete, a follow-up appointment is scheduled to touch up the micro-pigmented areas to ensure quality of work and client satisfaction.


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Eyeliner set (top or bottom only)$225
Eyeliner set (top and bottom)$400
Lip liner only$275
Full lip color enhancement$350
Full lip with liner$475
Beauty mark$50
Paramedicalby consultation
Color correctionby consultation

 All services include a free color touch up within two months of initial service.  Touch up appointments scheduled two to six months after initial service will be charged ½ price.