Spa and Boutique Owner

A 20 year veteran in the beauty and retail industry, Tanja has one of the most successful boutiques along  Ocean Drive in Vero Beach. Because of her enthusiasm, dedication, and community involvement, her businesses have flourished. Tanja’s favorite part of owning A Pampered Life is preparing for the annual Open House.  During this hugely successful event, she is able to express her deep appreciation towards her loyal guests and supportive customer base.  She also loves working with incredible woman who are passionate about their careers.  With two kids to raise, Tanja has found the perfect balance between the business life she created and the family life she adores.

Tanja’s Skin Secret

Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. It also helps protects the skin from sun damage. Use Vitamin C Facial Serum by SeSDerma morning and night for amazing results.



Aesthetician, Permanent Cosmetic & Traditional Makeup Artist

Ever since she was a young girl, Angela has been intrigued with beauty products and makeup design.  She sees each client’s face as a blank canvas and is able to create facial masterpieces with her vast knowledge of product treatments and makeup applications.  She is a self-admitted product junkie and loves working at A Pampered Life because she is surrounded by a plethora of beauty essentials. A “Day at the Spa” for Angela includes an indulging Ashiatsu Massage and an Organic Peptide Peel and Facial.  Before leaving the house, her daily skin routine includes a moisturizing SPF along with her mineral makeup foundation to keep her face protected and looking fresh all day. After an afternoon of relaxing poolside, she soothes her skin with Archipelago’s Soy Milk Lotion.

Angela’s Beauty Secret

If you can’t tone it, tan it! Self-tanners are great way to help body texture look more even and firm. Faux Tan by BareMinerals provides a healthy glow without the sun’s harmful rays.



Massage Therapist, Barefoot Ashiatsu Bar Therapist

Corinne’s professional career as an aesthetician and massage therapist began over 20 years ago. She believes a massage is not only for relaxation but is also the key to a vigorous life. With her extensive knowledge of the human body and her holistic approach to healing, Corinne has become a master at Deep Tissue massages designed to relieve muscle pain and tension. Corinne gladly spends her tip money on her favorite products at A Pampered Life, especially La Bella Donna’s Co-Exist Gel Crème.

Corinne’s Health Secret

Drink probiotic shots to balance intestinal bacteria. Your immune system starts in your gut. A healthy digestive track leads to overall wellbeing.




A Detroit transplant, Anita prides herself in her adversity and strong work ethic. For over 26 years, she has been selling a vast array of beauty products, providing extensive facial services, as well as, educating woman on skincare.  She feels her co-workers and clients at A Pampered Life are absolutely the “best of the best.” Anita’s favorite treatments on the Spa Menu are The Guinot Vita C Facial and Oxygen Facial.  For daily use at home, she recommends the Clarisonic Brush to all of her clients.

Anita’s Skin Secret

Take antacids prior to a facial or body wax to reduce inflammation.


Massage Therapist

Gifted with a healing touch, Lacee has shared her dynamic massage techniques with clients for over 9 years. With the Spa’s Signature Massage, she is able to uniquely customize the services to suite her clients’ specific needs, which is why this particular massage is one of her favorites.  Her adoration for all of her co-workers strongly rivals her love for luxurious lotions sold at A Pampered Life.  Her favorite product is Pure Fiji’s Coconut Body Butter, which she liberally applies after spending a glorious afternoon on the beaches in Vero.

Lacee’s Skin Secret

Use products that are organic and free from too many chemicals to keep skin healthy.